Awesome April 2022

The Black Cherry Tree Project

April was awesome and delivered several sweet reunions and surprises:

  • I continued the rehab program for my knee and plantar fasciitis and was able to increase my speed and distance by 10% as scheduled. Then I fell off my treadmill while trying to walk backwards, in semi-darkness, while reading my iPad and banged my knee, setting me back. What was I thinking???
  • I appreciate the international shipping rates from the USPS as I shipped Girl Scout cookies to Holland.
  • My WIFi was fixed! Again. It’s time to consider a new internet company….
  • I discovered how to support my girl Glori Ali when we travel during Ramadan.
  • I made real travel plans for the first time since 2019.
  • Then I canceled those travel plans because I was too anxious to consider traveling. I’m going to get better.
  • I received my personally signed copy of Find Your Way Back from Javacia Harris Bowser!! Buy yours today and a few for your friends!!
  • My coach and I have tried multiple platforms and Google Meet continues to be the winner.
  • First listen to “My One And Only Love” by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane blew my mind with its beauty!!
  • I attended my first public writing workshop for Find Your Way Back. I was nervous but felt reassured thanks to my in-person hug from Jennifer King and remote hug from Sherri Ross. Did y’all know Jennifer is an author??
  • Reading great writing from great Black women: Bisa, Javacia, Kristina, Charla, and Ashley.
  • I attended an online Buddhi writing workshop for cancer survivors. Sometimes I forget who I am and what I’ve conquered.
  • NOLA. New Orleans, Louisiana, The Big Easy, The 504. The Universe keeps reminding me how much I enjoy you so I’m making a date with you this year and I’m going to keep it.
  • Moses Sumney. Y’all……………….Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Jazz Classics station on Spotify.
  • I attending my first art exhibit, The Black Cherry Tree Project, an artistic memorial to 18 victims of lynchings in Jefferson County, Alabama. It was astounding and I’m still processing it before I can write about it.
  • Finding my photo on the Black Cherry Tree Project’s IG page. My hair always gives me away.
  • Discovering singer Betty Carter and her musical inflections
  • Gifts of (paid link) Dutch candy from Dutch relatives.
  • Visits with family I haven’t seen in decades.
  • First meeting with a not-so-new great-nephew, thanks to Covid.
  • First meeting with a not-so-new great-niece, thanks to Covid.
  • My out-laws who will always be my in-laws.
  • Sunday siestas and Lazy Afternoon by Joe Henderson.
  • Learning new things to expand my mind.
  • My purple shampoo that keeps my coils bright and blonde.
  • My new journal from Buddhi.
  • I got boosted, again!! Get vaccinated and boosted folks!!
  • I had an intriguing and educational talk with Noah Duffey of the Black Cherry Tree Project. Thank you for taking the time to engage with me.
  • I’m doing much more writing this year and am so grateful to my (paid link)  ergonomic wireless keyboard. It’s been good for my carpal tunnel.

Did you have an awesome April? What were the best things about your month?

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