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  • 57 Things to Watch Instead of Football #57

    I am not a sports fan and I discover more like-minded people every day. I have never been football fan and the way the sports teams bid for players looks a whole lot like enslavement. Are the players paid? Yes. Are they free? Hmmmmm…….. They only seem to have freedom within the spoken and unspoken […]

  • Dear Allies, Let’s Talk About Strategizing

    Dear Allies, Let’s Talk  About Strategizing

    Our first response to the supreme court was to organize. Now let’s talk about strategizing. We will make planned choices on where and how we spend our money, time, and all resources. Let’s face it, change only happens in the United States when there is a financial incentive to do so. Let’s look at the […]

  • Jumping July 2022

    July roared into existence like a solar flare! It was unusually hot and humid ensuring all of my activities were INDOORS. My body doesn’t regulate heat well thanks to my breast cancer surgeries so I. DON’T. DO. HEAT. I should actually state I CAN’T do heat. I also don’t travel in the summer so my […]

  • Dear Allies, Let’s Talk About Organizing

    Dear Allies, Let’s Talk About   Organizing

    Dear Allies, let’s talk about organizing. What are we to do in response to the supreme court that currently sits on the bench? Organize.  Strategize. And most importantly, RESPOND, REMEMBER, AND REPEAT. This letter is an invitation to talk about organizing. My Democratic vote doesn’t count in state-wide or federal elections in Alabama. The voting […]

  • Dear supreme court justices

    Dear supreme court justices

    Dear justices thomas, alito, gorsuch, kavanaugh, and bryant, and you too, roberts,  I’ll bet you thought I’d made a grammatical error with your names but I didn’t. Y’all are undeserving of the privilege to have your name or title capitalized. From now on, you will receive the same lower-case treatment that you have given women […]

  • Juicy June 2022 Top Thirty

    I was still on my second trip to D.C. when June arrived, still in love with #TheDistrict, the museums, the food, THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, and the fact that I was adventuring again. I was also still on my #BFFFOREVER high, which never really goes away, but now I’ve been home for a month-ish and I […]

  • Marvelous May 2022

    I decided this year was going to be one of my best, in spite of everything thrown at me. It’s still 2020 and sometimes I feel it. However, everything that happens this year will work in my favor. May was marvelous because I took a secret trip. I actually boarded a plane and flew, something […]

  • Awesome April 2022

    April was awesome and delivered several sweet reunions and surprises: I continued the rehab program for my knee and plantar fasciitis and was able to increase my speed and distance by 10% as scheduled. Then I fell off my treadmill while trying to walk backwards, in semi-darkness, while reading my iPad and banged my knee, […]

  • I’m Still Not Ready To Say Goodbye

    I’m Still Not Ready To Say Goodbye

    I’m Still Not Read To Say Goodbye

  • Thirty-One Things I loved in March 2022

    This month seems to have crept by and I think it’s because my face and mouth hurt most of it thanks to my dental woes. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about taking my first real “trip” since Covid. I am still thinking about it and haven’t committed yet, but “thinking” was a huge […]