Jumping July 2022

Full Moon
A full moon in a month full of possibilities

July roared into existence like a solar flare! It was unusually hot and humid ensuring all of my activities were INDOORS. My body doesn’t regulate heat well thanks to my breast cancer surgeries so I. DON’T. DO. HEAT. I should actually state I CAN’T do heat. I also don’t travel in the summer so my Ohio cousin can stop asking me to go to NOLA for the Essence Festival. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. But I still love you!!

BHM hosted the world games and although there were a few indoor events, I didn’t attend any of them. Bless you folks who did and didn’t die from heatstroke or COVID.

Here are thirty-one jumping things that happened to me in July 2022:

  • Fixing the favicon on my travel site, MiaAdventura.com. That thing was driving me insane!!
  • Shred day (but why did you leave another locked, empty barrel and won’t return my calls or respond to my emails?????)
  • Wasps have tried to take over my carport and I am so grateful for 20 foot wasp spray. The key is to spray them at night and run into the house before they figure out you’re attacking them.
  • I’ve had several opportunities to serve my other parents. Those are the parents who got stuck with me decades ago when their oldest daughter became my best friend. I am honored that they know they can call me for anything at any time.
  • I received an invitation to visit a friend who is living in a new city!! I have Autumn travel plans!, WHOOP WHOOP!!
  • Several people in my family had to have surgery and they were all successful!!
  • Asian market smoked eel so this girl can make her own sushi. 
  • New relationships that were meant to be romantic but definitely became platonic. I look forward to being the vessel for other people to meet and fall into delight with each other.
  • Celebrating a great guy finding a great new flat in a perfect location. I’ll be visiting soon…
  • Finding new allies in the fight for justice!!
  • A new recipe for a low-gluten chocolate pie
  • I love to celebrate my traveling friends, and @MylesToTravel is killing it!!
  • Hold the Dark” on Netflix.  I was not ready and y’all won’t be either.
  • @AngryBlackLady on twitter and IG. Yes, yes, and YES.
  • Birthday photoshoots (but not in the heat.)
  • Slow Sundays with time for a nap.
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” and Chadwick Boseman’s aching portrayal of Levee. He was unforgettable. 
  • Babies learning to crawl.
  • Late night dinners and shutting down restaurants.
  • Morning greetings from @CornWhizzle’s daughter. She makes my day and reminds me of my own former roommates when they were small.
  • Boundaries, y’all, boundaries 
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Buzz Bars. But I have to enjoy them before Noon or I’ll be up all night.
  • Self-care in the midst of an IBS flare-up. I hadn’t had that severe of a reaction in a few years and I’m still not sure what triggered it. Could it have been the heat???
  • Gluten-free pasta at the Asian market??!!!! Why didn’t I know this before? So I made this Korean dish called
  • Japche and it was delicious.
  • Summer blueberries and blackberries in my salads add a perfect bite of sweetness.
  • Nutella, I still crave and love you.
  • Georgia may have a reputation for peaches but they have nothing on Chilton County, Alabama peaches. Pro tip: eat them over a sink because the juices will run down your chin and past your elbows…….
  • I am extra grateful for Karl, my friend and yard guy, because I cannot deal with my grass in the heat. Thank you Karl.
  • Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  Mary Albert Johnson and Victoria Dixon. You two ladies made and make me a better human being.

What events and adventures made your July jump??

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