Thirty-One Things I loved in March 2022

Snow Capped Tea House
  • The ending of Grown-ish. Hmmm, who predicted that relationship ending?
  • The return of Outlander. But why am I still watching it?
  • Family March birthday. Those folks know how to celebrate!
  • Mom’s March birthday (because she’s so extra, she officially has two!)
  • Spring tree blooms.
  • March snow.
  • Medical televisits (because I do NOT want to enter medical offices.)
  • HOLI celebrations.
  • Pantry grocery shopping. My goal is to eat everything in my pantry and fridge before I return to the grocery store or a restaurant.
  • More home cooking. See the above. But not really……………………
  • Finally getting Nikon’s SnapBridge app to work correctly
  • Rain Boots.
  • Mailing memories to family.
  • Tomato plants.
  • Traveling friends.
  • My weather radio. It’s tornado season y’all!!!
  • Discovering new tea blends and flavors.
  • My (paid link) popcorn popper.
  • Daylight Savings Time. I LOVE these long days.
  • De-cluttering my home, car and life.
  • Save-The-Date cards. Love IS in the air!!
  • Long-term life planning. Hey 2023, I’m headed your way!
  • Clear wood glue for a future art project.
  • Dollar store for art my projects
  • Masks, damnit, MASKS!!!!
  • The constant grace, courage, serenity, and peace of Black women when we are under unjust, unfair, ridiculous scrutiny of mediocre white men.
  • Anna Nepoletana flour (paid link) that doesn’t trigger my IBS. 
  • Bengal Spice Tea (paid link).
  • Girl Scout cookie deliveries.
  • Me!

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