Marvelous May 2022

The Lincoln Memorial at Night

I decided this year was going to be one of my best, in spite of everything thrown at me. It’s still 2020 and sometimes I feel it. However, everything that happens this year will work in my favor. May was marvelous because I took a secret trip. I actually boarded a plane and flew, something I had been both dreading and desiring. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to (safely) travel, and adventure, and to go somewhere new. I did it and it was freeing. My brother called me to wish me a happy mother’s day while I was walking through the TSA line and the first thing he said when I answered was “you sound different, what’s going on?” When I told him I had been visiting DC he congratulated me and told me I needed that trip. He was right. Here are thirty-one marvelous things that I experienced in May:

  • I met my newest baby nephew this month! Noah is happy, effervescent, and has a giant laugh for such a small body.
  • I planned a June trip to North Carolina to see Cornell Watson’s Tarred Healing photo exhibit. Although I’ve planned it down to the last details. I don’t think I can make it happen. But the planning is a win for me!
  • I was insulted on the D.C. Metro. A guy walked through the emergency doors (I’d never seen that before) and started approaching people. When he approached me I just shook my head “no” then he said, “Have a nice day, WHORE!” Welcome to DC!! HAHAHAHA
  • I didn’t stay up all night packing like I usually do.
  • I took my second flight and had my second travel adventure in 2022. 
  • I figured out the D.C. metro system! One of the best things to happen was when the car filled with French speakers during a morning trip into #TheDistrict. They were all male, wore beautiful shoes, and had nice, tight asses. I promise I noticed their shoes first. But anyway, I love to hear other languages spoken and always miss the chance since I hadn’t been going anywhere.
  • My main priority for visiting D.C. was seeing friends, eating international cuisine, and visiting museums. The National Museum of African Art was my first museum and my first D.C. Smithsonian. It was amazing, astounding, and I look forward to returning. I was truly impressed with the number of female artists represented in the museum, especially “Iriabo (Clapping Girl)” by Sokari Douglas Camp. That piece is a must-experience for anyone visiting D.C.
  • I enjoyed the best baba ghanoush I have ever had in my culinary life at Lebanese Taverna! And the pita arrived hot and puffy from the oven. IT IS DIVINE!!!!
  • Another incredible piece in the National Museum of African Art was “Rainbow Serpent” by Romald Hazoumè. You should see it from the top floor and then see it as closely as you can.
  • I visited the Lincoln Memorial, a statue I’ve seen thousands of times in print and on television. I was surprised at my feelings of awe when I gazed at Lincoln, almost expecting him to step forward from his perch and speak to me.
  • I haven’t had an authentic bagel since I visited New York City in 2018. Has it been that long??? I had the Gleneagle bagel and a chocolate babka muffin from Call Your Mother Jew-Ish deli. HUZZAH!!!!
  • I am grateful to Abigail Stutts and her open heart and open calendar! Thanks for hosting me #AbFab and encouraging me to travel again.
  • I applied for a library card from the Library of Congress and got a chance to use it!
  • I saw Gordon Park’s American Gothic UP CLOSE AND IN PERSON!!!! I almost swooned.
  • Thank you to most of the residents and visitors of DC for wearing masks, especially on the Metro.THANK YOU!!!!
  • Visiting “The District” led to new writing opportunities for me.
  • Thank you to the USPS for safely delivering all of the postcards I sent from D.C.
  • I have been determined to do new things this year and I tried a new ‘do that did not go as planned. I have been in hair prison ever since. 
  • This month I met up with friends I haven’t seen since 2019 for a day trip. It was beautiful to share my heart with people that I love. 
  • I received a delivery of authentic Irish tea ALL THE WAY FROM Ireland!
  • I had a social month and enjoyed a girl’s night in of dinner and conversations.
  • Visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture broke my heart and fed my soul.
  • I learned the true history of the Trail of Tears when I visited the National Museum of the American Indian. Y’all, it’s not what you learned or what you think, it’s worse. 
  • I want to express my gratitude to American Airlines for delivering me safely to all of my destinations and not losing my checked bag. Now, let’s talk about your staff NOT wearing masks………….
  • Although we couldn’t see each other on your special day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUBU!!! 
  • I am especially grateful to have safely traveled and to have not caught COVID.
  • Thanks to the #JoyfulJournalingProject from my writing coach Javacia Harris Bowser. I learned more things about myself with each of assignment.
  • I loved hanging out with my best friend. We hadn’t spent time together since 2019 and it was wonderful just to be together again.
  • I loved eating at new restaurants with my best friend. There were hits and misses and I discovered I am NOT a fan of soft shell crabs.
  • I loved having adventures with my best friend. Only YOU could get me to visit presidential plantations…… Visiting the ancestral homes of the former presidents is important to you so I was on board.
  • OK, everything I did with my best friend was the best thing because we were finally together again!!!!!

I know this post is EXTRA LATE, but what events and adventures made your May marvelous??

First Look at Washington DC

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  1. I am so happy you were able to visit DC, get to same museums I only wish to visit and getting together with girlfriend is the best. PS….your writing is sublime😁💕💐

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